Let’s start with the meaning of CV(Curriculum Vitae) means Course of Life. CV is a document that summarizes our educational/academic,our professional skills and experiences of our life history for the aim of targeting your desired job.

Before you start writing your CV there are things to take Note of
1) What information do i need to include in my CV- such as Objective, personal details, educational qualities, your work experience, your Professional skill, your hobbies/interest and reference.

2) You have to take consideration of the job you are applying(Company/Organization)- You have to do some research of the company,it can be by checking the company’s website for more additional information to be added to your CV. Check the job requirement and tailor your CV down to it.

3) Make list of your outstanding skills,Positive Hobbies, past work experience if there’s any. The skills you decide to include on your cv have to be relevant to the job. They always have a way of making your CV standout.

4) The best arrangement/format to use for your CV. Be consistent with your CV layout. Get photos off your CV unless you’re asked to include it. Make your CV brief and relevant

We will treat Different Segment to be included in your CV

First of all, you need to set a format to create your cv and the write-up is always advisable to be not more than 2pages for fresh graduate.

1st Segment(Top Page) – It should contain the name,it’s mainly in the center of the page and always larger than others(Bold).
followed by the Home address, Email address and telephone number. The details are always at the top page of the CV.

2nd Segment(Career Objectives/Summary) – This is where your summarize your Career Objectives. Use a positive word and team-work terms such as team player,goal driven, determined.

3rd Segment(Personal Details) – This part contains your personal details such as your sex,place of birth, marital status, nationality,religion etc It gives the interviewer an in-depth about the candidate.

4th Segment(Work Experience) – This is the part where you list all your work experience starting from the present and further. List the name of the company, location of the work place, your job position, responsibility and accomplishment in the company.

5th Segment(Educational Qualification) – This is where you state all about your Educational Qualification starting from your highest level attained. List the name of the institution,followed by the dates,the degree you finished with(Certificate).

6th Segment(Skills/Hobbies) – You List your professional Skills Obtained/Hobbies. It can be from your formal work place or skill acquisition center. State also the hobbies relevant to the job.

Last Segment(Reference) – State your referees,it’s called the Reference. It can be from your formal work place, your project supervisor, a mentor etc. Note that some organization/company you are applying to may contact these references to find more about you. It’s always advisable to inform your referees before listing them as your referee. Referees details should include: Full name, contact information such as Home address and phone number.

Note: Proof-read your CV for grammatical and spelling errors, avoid repetition of words, make sure it’s concise and well arrange. you can as well hand over your CV to someone to help proof-read it.

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